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Friday, May 23, 2014 | Posted in

Over the last few days some changes were made to the structure of this website. Of these changes the first change that was made is in the move from the standard GitHub pages URL to my own custom domain provided by the amazingly helpful people at dnsimple. While the URL for this website has changed it is still being hosted by GitHub pages and so the old URL will continue working just fine.

The only slight catch is that the project pages for my projects now suddenly redirect through my new domain as well. Apparently this is due to the way GitHub handles custom domains. For now I will live with this situation but later on my personal projects may be moved to separate organisations.

The second change is the addition of pagination for the landing page. As I continued to write more blog posts this page was getting rather long and slow to load. The new landing page only contains the last five blog posts and provides a way to navigate to the previous posts at the bottom of the page. This should make the page much quicker to load. I will share the implementation of the pagination in a future blog post but for those who are interested the changes necessary to implement pagination in DocPad are pretty minor and can be seen in a single commit.

Besides setting up the pagination of the landing page I also created an archive page which, logically, shows all the blog posts in chronological order. Again a future blog post will describe the necessary changes to include the archive page.

Last but not least the site has gotten a new favicon which is a little more vortex-y than the last icon.

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