Apollo is the code name for an engineering simulation and design application.

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Calvinverse contains a collection of tools and configuration settings used to create my internal build infrastructure on Hyper-V and Azure.

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nAdoni is a library that provides a way to check for updates to one or more binaries via an update manifest, and then to download an archive containing the updated binaries.

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nAnicitus is a windows service that acts as a gatekeeper for the SymStore application.


nBuildKit is a collection of tools and scripts that provide an easy way to set-up a complete build and deployment for a (.NET) project


nRefs is an application that creates an XML file containing the assembly information for all referenced assemblies of a given input assembly.

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nTreva is an application that creates an XML file containing license information from installed NuGet packages.

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Nuclei is a collection of libraries containing classes and functions for inter-application communication, dealing with run time discovered plugins, diagnostics, configuration information from different sources, exception handling and assembly location and loading.


Ops-Resource provides scripts and tools to build immutable build infrastructure.


Sherlock provides a means to schedule and automatically execute tests in an controlled environment.