PG2 - Christmas holiday antics

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 | Posted in

During the Christmas holidays a few weeks ago I was planning to get lots of flying done, after all I had two weeks off and the weather had been amazing while I was in the office so what else could be the case? Unfortunately it turned out that the weather gods had other plans and provided generous helpings of wind and rain. That meant I only managed to fly on two different days.

However that doesn't mean that the Christmas holidays were lacking paragliding activities. You see my new harness arrived just before Christmas. It was ordered three or so months ago but it was completely worth the wait. The build quality is very high and the harness felt comfortable straight away. Mind you there is still some set up to be done. There are a lot of different straps on this harness which subtly change the position and shape of the harness. I suspect it will be a while before I find all the right settings. The biggest difference so far compared to the school harnesses is that it feels like the harness reacts more to changes in the glider, which at the moment is unsettling but I guess I'll get used to it. And the second difference is that the harness is harder to get into.

Given that I was already spending money I figured I should spend some more ... Actually it was more like there were a few other things that were either legally required or very sensible to have. And so I also bought a vario and a reserve. The combination was not cheap but I do feel a lot safer now that I have a way to tell how high I am and a way to come down in case everything goes to custard.

Finally I also did my PG2 theory exam and scored 97% which I was pretty stoked with. The minimum score to pass is 90% so I managed to get that in the bag pretty easily. There is one more theoretical exam to do which is the VFR exam. For that I am trying to learn all the abbreviations at the moment which might take a bit of time.

All in all the Christmas holidays turned out to have a decent amount of paragliding related activities.

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