nBuildKit release - V0.5.1

Saturday, May 23, 2015 | Posted in

Version V0.5.1 of the nBuildKit build library has been released.

This release adds the following features

  • 91: MsBuild.Projects: Common.props should do a more extensive search for settings.props
  • 90: MsBuild: Allow pushing symbols via NuGet enhancement
  • 89: MsBuild: Allow assembly versioning to be more custom defined.
  • 87: MsBuild: Rename template files to have normal extension
  • 86: MsBuild: Rename the DirMsBuildShared, DirMsBuildExtensions and DirMsBuildTemplates properties enhancement
  • 85: Unable to build projects which have a mixture of target frameworks
  • 83: MsBuild: Allow PreCleanScripts and PreCompilationScripts to define their own properties
  • 82: MsBuild: Update the Sample custom version files to match the current version gathering capabilities
  • 80: MsBuild: Combine top-level build.msbuild, deploy.msbuild and shared.locatenbuildkit.msbuild
  • 78: MsBuild: Automatically include NuGet dependencies if nuspec is in same directory as project
  • 72: MsBuild: Define default directory paths only in settings.props file
  • 68: Improve inline documentation of settings.props file
  • 66: MsBuild: Provide initialization/installation scripts for an empty workspace
  • 55: MsBuild: Allow assembly copyright to be more custom defined
  • 22: MsBuild: Allow each file to have their own base directory when creating ZIP archives
  • 19: MsBuild.Projects: Provide scripts for Visual Basic projects

And fixes the following issues:

  • 92: MsBuild.Projects: GetVersion, VcsInfo and Generate files also run when they're disabled in the settings.props file
  • 88: MsBuild.Projects: Excessive NuGet restore of global packages
  • 84: Not compatible with ncrunch
  • 54: MsBuild: First space trimmed from release note content

Finally the following tasks were completed:

  • 7: MsBuild: Set up tests
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