nBuildKit release - V0.9.1

Sunday, April 9, 2017 | Posted in

Hot on the heels of the last release version 0.9.1 of nBuildKit has been released. This release fixes two bugs and adds a few internal improvements.

All the work items that have been closed for this release can be found on GitHub.

Bugs fixed

  • 273 - The CalculateSemanticVersionWithGitVersion task used the current directory as the working directory. While that is correct in most cases there are some cases, especially when running the integration tests, where that is not correct. This has been fixed by requiring the specification of the working directory.
  • 277 - In the same way all NuGet tasks now need a working directory specified in order to make sure that the correct workspace is used when interacting with the NuGet command line.


  • 272 - The TestFunctions.PrepareWorkspace.ps1 and the TestFunctions.Git.ps1 have been updated with additional functions and checks so that when creating a test workspace the existing git flow process is only completed if the specified branch exists on the remote. This changes the completion of the git flow process from mandatory to optional.
  • Additionally the IsMasterBranch and IsDevelopBranch properties have been defined in the settings file. These two properties indicate whether or not the current branch is the master or develop branch respectively.
  • 69 - The documentation for nBuildKit itself is being moved from the wiki to a GitHub pages website. As of this release the build for nBuildKit will generate the website using Wyam.
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