nBuildKit release - V0.9.2

Sunday, May 14, 2017 | Posted in

Version 0.9.2 of nBuildKit has been released. This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a few new improvements

All the work items that have been closed for this release can be found on GitHub.

Bugs fixed

  • 280 - The deploy.pushto.gitbranch script called the GitCurrentBranch task with a WorkingDirectory property which did not exist, thus causing the pushing to a git branch deployment step to fail.
  • 281 - The deploy.pushto.gitbranch script did not create the directory into which the repository should be cloned. This caused the step to fail.
  • 286 - The GenerateTargetsFile custom task applied a custom assembly resolver which did not resolve references to the MsBuild assemblies. This is a problem for MsBuild 15.0 and higher because from that version onwards the MsBuild assemblies, e.g. Microsoft.Build.XX are no longer located in the GAC and can thus not be found by the standard assembly resolver.
  • 287 - The shared.prepare.copy.files task did not correctly copy the directory hierarchy.
  • 290 - The build.prepare.generatefiles script only generated the files if they did not exist. This has been changed so that generated files are always created and updated.


  • 254 - All warnings and errors have been given a proper error code for easier parsing of errors from the log.
  • 282 - The Git, Powershell and NuGet base tasks have been moved to the Core targets assembly so that they can be used in third party custom tasks as well.
  • 284 - A new task has been added that allows extracting files from one or more ZIP archive files.
  • 285 - Additional conditions have been added to all ItemGroup elements to ensure that these item groups are only loaded when they are required. This reduces build times and improves stability.
  • 288 - A new task has been added that allows downloading files from a HTTP URL. If the file in question is an archive file it can additionally be unzipped before the final copy takes place.

Additionally the first steps to better documentation have been taken. The readme, the introduction and the contributing documents have been updated.

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