Why this blog was created

Friday, August 30, 2013 | Posted in

A couple of years ago I had a blog on Blogger but that never got further than a few posts, mainly because I ran out of interesting topics to write about. That and my studies started interfering with life in general ... it seems research does that to ones life. In any case the old blog stalled and no more posts were written.

Recently I have been wanting to improve my writing skills, you see, as software engineer I'm reasonably good at writing instructions for a three-year old, eh I mean a computer, but I am not particularly good at writing concise human-friendly text. I have written two dissertations, one for my masters degree and one for my PhD, but neither of those qualify as either concise or human-friendly.

Given that the only way to get better at writing is to practise, practise and practise some more, I thought writing posts about things that interest me would be a good way to improve my writing skills. And on top of that it may help me improve my skills in explaining technical constructs as well. Double win.

The only thing left to answer is what shall I be writing about. Well obviously those things that interest me, mostly being:

  • My open source projects. All of them could do with some additional documentation and maybe even some examples. I guess having a blog is just an additional reason to finally write those
  • All the (exciting) things I get up to when rock climbing or paragliding.
  • And if things progress nicely I might write some articles describing some work I am doing at the moment that is a continuation of the software development I did for my PhD.
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